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QAIS, Inc has worked with companies in 15 states. Check the map to see where our clients are, or read about our clients below.

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Custom Engineering

Erie, PA
Welding Inspection & analysis. Witness dry magnetic particle inspection, welding and fabrication of baseplates.

Dresser-Rand a Siemens AG Business

Olean, NY
Witness Compressor balancing and Mechanical testing / inspection of compressor rotors, String test witness.


Burlington, IA
Witness Mechanical testing of compressors.

The Balancing Company

Vandalia, OH
Witness Mechanical over speed testing of impellors.

Flow Serve

Kalamazoo, MI
Witness rotary pump testing.

Joy Mining and Machinery

Millersburg, KY
Expedite and Inspect Nickel Mining machinery.

Westerman Companies

Bremen, OH
ASME Pressure Vessel Inspection, Witness of FAT on marine winch assembly.

Dresser Roots

Connersville, IN
Expedite order, Oil Cleanliness inspection, Mechanical run, Visual Inspection, and balancing on Blowers. Witness Magnetic particle inspection.

Heat Exchange Applied Technology

Orville, OH
Hydrostatic Test and visual inspection of heat exchanging equipment.


Cincinnati, OH
Visual Inspection of Coal Stack Dampers.

Diamond Power International, Inc.

Lancaster, OH
Expedite and witness of soot blower final inspection.

Modern Welding Company

Newark, OH
ASME pressure vessel expediting and witness hydro-test and final inspection.

Morris Material Handling

Franklin, OH
Inspect tank house overhead crane.

RLM Fabricating, Inc.

Toledo, OH
Expedite order, fabrication and welding inspection. Witnessed dye penetrate inspection – visual.

Industrial Power Systems

Toledo, OH
Expedite and Inspect pipe spools.

The Hannon Companies

East Canton, OH
Witness balancing of Coal Crusher wheels.

American Tank and Fabricating

Cleveland, OH
Expedite and witness ASME pressure tank fabrication.

Pennsylvania Crusher Corporation

Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Expedite and inspect welding on coal feeders.

Ideal Electric Company

Mansfield, OH
Witness electric motor testing.

Siemens Energy & Automation Company

Norwood, OH
Witness electrical motor testing.

Buckeye Fabricating Company

Springboro, OH
Expedite ASME pressurized vessel and welding visual inspection.

Davidson / Brown, Inc.

Sylvania, OH
Welding and fabricating expediting and inspection.

Metalex Manufacturing, Inc.

Cincinnati, OH
Witness impeller dimensional testing.

Moyno Pump, Inc.

Springfield, OH
Expedite and witness of rotary pump systems.

Koch Knight LLC.

East Canton, OH
Expedite/witness spark testing, visual inspection of ASME pressurized Brick Lined rinsing vessel.

QC Laboratories, Inc.

Cincinnati, OH
Witness Wet Magnetic particle inspection.

Shafer Valve Company

Mansfield, OH
Witness mechanical testing of actuators.

ProQuip Inc.

Macedonia, OH
Expedite mixing Agitators – methanol

Reduction Engineering, Inc.

Kent, OH
Expedite and inspect sluice sprayer table

Stock Equipment Company

Chagrin Falls, OH
Expedite and inspect Volumetric Coal Burner valves and feeders.

Chemineer, Inc

Dayton, OH
Expediting chemical mixers and agitators.

Ambassador Steel

Marion, OH
Inspect Rebar Steel.

Ariel Corporation

Mount Vernon, OH
Witness hydrostatic cylinder test. Witness test of compressors.

ACI Services

Cambridge, OH
Inspect Cylinder heads, Hydrostatic witness testing

Volcanic Heater, Inc

Alliance, OH
Inspect Pipe spools, hydro test.

Hammelmann Corporation

Dayton, OH
Inspect Paint and packaging

Peerless Pump Company

Indianapolis, IN
Inspect Fire Water pump.

Mettler Toledo, Inc

Columbus, OH
Inspect Truck Scale fabrication.

Farris Engineering (Curtiss Wright Corp.)

Brecksville, OH
Witness PMI Testing, Witness Hydrostatic Inspection, Witness test and inspect pressure relief valves.

Regal Industries

Donora, PA
Steel Beam Paint Inspection.

Regal Technologies Inc.

Middlesex, PA
Ultra Sonic Inspection witness.

Avon Bearings Corporation

Avon, OH
Witness bearing test.

Eaton Corporation Fluid Power

Mantua, OH
Hydro test flex hose.

Hartzel Fan, Inc.

Expedite and project management. Witness duct fan test.

Xomox Corporation

Cincinnati, OH
Gas Valve inspection.

PACS Power and Control Systems

Mount Vernon, OH
Witness Testing on Switch Gear.

MACK Iron Works

Sandusky, OH
Witness Hydro test of T Pipe.

High Point Tool and Machine

Saegertown, PA
Witness Functional, Hydro test Underwater Pipeline Valves.

Koontz Wagner

South Bend, IN
Expedite Electric Switch Gear Houses.

Hydro Thrift Corporation

Massillon, OH
Expedite and inspect Cooling heat exchange system.


Youngstown, OH
Inspect and witness function tested electrical panels.

Metalex Manufacturing, Inc.

Cincinnati, OH
Mag Particle Inspection Witness.

Ameridrives, Inc.

Erie, PA
Inspect Gear interfacing clearance. Witness Balance of drive shafts.

Apex Metal Fabrication

Detroit, MI
Witness Mag particle inspection on welds.

Smit Marine Canada

Avon, OH
Witness bearing cut up/scrap and issue affidavit of scrap.

Special Metals, Inc.

Huntington, WV
Inspect pipe, and sheet steel and review documentation.

General Electric Aircraft Engines Inc.

Evendale, OH
Inspect and witness test of industrial Gas Generator.

Siemens Energy

Mount Vernon, OH
Witness manufacturing, Inspection, Balancing of compressor. Expedite and witness operation of industrial Gas turbine rotary compressor power generation skid.

Falcon Foundry, Inc.

Lowellville, OH
Inspect Copper Foundry Castings.

Midwest Industrial Castings

Minster, OH
Inspect Steel Castings.

Dyson Corporation

Painesville, OH
Inspect Bolts, Nuts and Screws.

Madden Dampers

Lagrange, OH
Inspect Industrial damper system.

Counterflow, Inc.

Edinboro, PA
Expedite and inspect Vertical Gas Separators.

Tempest Corporation

Cleveland, OH
Expedite and inspect water chiller.

Siemens Energy

Norwood, OH
Expediting, Progrssive Inspection, Witness motor FAT per API 641.

Hydrothrift Inc.

Massillon, OH
Expedite water chillers.

Emerson Valve

Mansfield, OH
Witness FAT on Actuators and valves.

Curtiss Wright–Farris Engineering

Brecksville, OH
Inspect Pressure relief valves.

Avon Bearing, Inc.

Avon, OH
Inspect and witness inspection of calm buoy bearings.

Effox Corporation

Cincinnati, OH
Witness FAT on Industrial stack dampers.

Lube Power Inc.

Detroit, MI
Witness FAT on Oil pump coolers.

Chester Hoist, Inc.

Expedite industrial overhead crane.

Alloy Engineering, Inc.

Inspect Catalyst basket and assembly.

High Point Crane, Inc.

Bellefontaine, OH
Inspect large construction crane.

Clarke Reliance, Inc.

Strongsville, OH
Hydrostatic Pressure test

Total Control Solutions

Columbus, OH
Witness testing on electrical panels.

Kaeser Compressors, Inc.

Columbus, OH
Expedite and witness FAT Dryer Compressor Skid.

Amitek Solid State Controls, Inc.

Columbus, OH
Expedite and witness control panel testing.

Clarke Reliance Corporation

Strongsville, OH
Witness Hydro test and final inspection.

Custom Valve Concepts (W.A. Kates Company)

Clawson, MI
Witness hydrostatic and helium test.

Emerson Power Cooling

Columbus, OH
Expedite and final inspection of air conditioning systems.

Caterpillar, Inc.

Lafayette, IN
Pre-order systems and process audit.

Flow Serve Foundry

Dayton, OH
Witness Casting pour Stainless Steel and Spectrographic analysis.

Stainless Steel Engineering Inc.

Milwaukee, WI
Witness pour of Stainless Steel Casting.

Haines International

Kokomo, IN
Survey Sheet alloy.

Sandmeyer Steel

Philadelphia, PA
Survey Sheet Steel.

Dynamic Materials Corporation

Mount Braddock, PA
Witness, Inspect and observe all phases of Machining, Testing, and inspecting Carbon steel backer plate with Alloy bonding.

Findlay Machine and Tool

Findlay, OH
Project management, expediting

Lube Power, Inc.

Shelby, MI
Witness FAT Lube Oiling system and Gas panel.

Swanton Welding & Machining

Swanton, OH
Inspect Filter Screen assembly.


Painted Post, NY
Witness FAT on piston gas compressor.

Illinois Blower, Inc.

Cary, IL
Project management, expediting, and FAT and performance witness.

Badger Industries

Zelienople, PA
Witness fabrication and NDT.

American Air Filter

Swanton, OH
Inspect Air filter assemblies.

Gardner Denver

Quincy, IL
Witness compressor pump FAT.

Pensylvania Precision Cast Parts, Inc.

Witness Pouring, Mechanical and chemical tests and inspection of cast parts.

Stork Materials Technology

Cleveland, OH
Witness chemical and mechanical testing.

Stainless Foundry & Engineering, Inc.

Milwaukee, WI
Witness pouring, chemical, and mechanical testing of Stainless Steel.

Ancast, Inc.

Witness Pouring, Chemical, testing of Stainless Steel.

FlowServe Foundry

Dayton, OH
Witness pouring, chemical, mechanical testing of Stainless Steel.

Haynes International

Kokomo, IN
Inspect sheet steel alloy.

Tensile Testing Laboratories

Cleveland, OH
Witness Mechanical and Mechanical Testing of steel alloys.

Rath Gibson

North Branch, NJ
Witness Hydrostatic Testing of Stainless Steel tubing.

Com Fab

Lower Burrell, PA
Witness Hydrostatic Test, dimensional of ejector casting.

AST Tank

Louisville, KY
Witness Paint process and expedite.

RHM Fluid Power, Inc.

Westland, MI
Witness Lube oiling system FAT.

Appleton Marine, Inc.

Appleton, WI
Witness FAT on Marine Crane

Woodside Energy LTD. —(Rolls—Royce Project)

Mount Vernon, OH
Expedite, Inspect, Witness FAT.

Alfa Laval, Inc.

Richmond, VA
Witness Hysrostatic Test of Heat Exchangers.

SPX—Goldsboro, NC

Witness Dye Penatrant Testing of Heat Exchanger Panels.

Selectrode Industries

Aliquippa, PA
Witness Weld Coupon welding and mechanical testing.


Cannonsburgh, PA
Expedite, Document Review, Final Inspection, Parts inventory.

Pennsylvania Precision Cast Parts

Lebanon, PA
Witness stainless steel casting of parts, witness Chemical Analysis, Casting inspection.

American Air Filter

Louisville, KY
Witness and inspect air filter housing structures.

Findlay Machine and Tool

Findlay, OH
Witnessed Industrial Parts washers, Expediting, Final inspection.

AG Industries

Brunswick, OH
Witnessed of tests, Document review, For Bridge Bearings.


Battle Creek, MI
Witnessed string test, witnessed FAT test on pumps, Document review.

JBK Manufacturing & Development Co.

Dayton, OH
Expedited, Document review, Final Inspection of Machine parts.


Lancaster, OH
Inventoried and inspected parts for power plants.

American Testing Services

Dayton, OH
Witnessed destructive testing – Charpy, tensile and bending testing.


Dayton, OH
Witnessed Tensile test, and spectrographic testing of steel.

Parker Hannifin Corporation

Ravenna, OH
Inspected Hydraulic cylenders and components.

Bay Cast Inc.

Bay City, MI
Witnessed raw material mixing, Spectrographic testing, and pouring of Stainless steel castings.


Ravenswood, WV
Inspected pipe spools and valves, dimensional checks, final inspection.

Carrier Vibrating Equipment

Louisville, KY
Expediting, Progressive Inspection, final inspection, of vibrating conveyer systems.

Sypris Technologies

Louisville, KY
Expedited, Inspected Machined Enclosures.

Merril Tool & Machine

Merril, MI
Inspected Base Plates.

Bi-Con Services, Inc.

Derwent, OH
Witnessed Hydrostatic Tests, Expediting, Final Inspection of large diameter pipe spools.


Waukeshaw, WI
Inspected proximity sensors.

Adelet- Meriam

Cleveland, OH
Inspected precision electrical measuring & transmitting instruments. Witnessed FAT.

C&R Metal Products

Groveport, OH
Expedited and Inspected stainless steel Coveyor Enclosures.

French Oil Mill Machinery Company

Piqua, OH
Expedited, Inspected, Rubber manufacturing machines.

Mader Dampers

Lagrange, OH
Expedited, and Inspected Louvered Dampers for Industry.

Derby Quality Fleet Fabricators

Louisville, KY
Inspected Stanless steel welded components for conveyors.

Transcontinental Engineered Systems

Westerville, OH
Inspection of fabricated conveyor parts.

Logan Machine Company

Akron, OH
Inspected Welding and Paint on large water valves.


Dayton, OH
Witnessed NDT- PT Inspection.

Team Industrial Services

Solon, OH
Witnessed NDT, RT, and PT on pipe couplings.

Mistras Services

Heath, OH
Witnessed MT and PT on valve components.

Cameron Valve

Buffalo NY, and Worchester MA
FAT test on valves, String test on components.

BAE Systems

West Chester, OH
Expediting, Progressive Inspection on Armor plated Vehicles.

Dyno Nobel – (Berea, Ohio Vendor)

Cheyenne, WY
Inspecting heat exchange & boiler.

R&M Material Handling, Inc.

Witnessed FAT on overhead gantry cranes.

Sisterville Tank Works, Inc.

Expediting, Inspecting Boiler vessels.

US Steel Tubular Operations

Lorain, OH
Witnessed manufacturing of seamless steel pipe.

DET Norske Veritas Laboratory

Dublin, OH
Witnessed sulfuric hydrogen tensil testing on support steel.

Anderson International Corporation

Stow, OH
Expediting, progressive Inspection on Rubber making machines.

Tricor Metals

Wooster, OH
Expediting, Progressive Inspection, Final Inspection of Heat Exchanger.

Columbus McKinnon

Salem, OH
Witness overhead Gantry crane FAT lift test.

Rol-Fab, Inc.

Garfield Heights, OH
Expedite, Progressive inspection of mixing equipment for rubber manufacturing.

Chemco / Pittsburgh Tank

Monongehella, PA
Expediting, Progressive Inspection of chemical mixing silos.

Salem-Republic Rubber Co

Sebring, OH
Witness Manuafacturing of rubber hose, Hydrostatic test.

Goodyear Conveyor Belt Products

Marysville, OH
Witness and confirm part dimension & quantity of rubber conveyor belts.

Southwest Electric

Louisville, OH
Inspect Switch Gear, Witness Testing.

Post Glover

Erlanger, KY
Witnessed Resistor Cabinet construction, dimensional inspection, document review. Final Inspection.

GE Industrial Solutions

Burlington, IA
Witnessed FAT on Switchgear panels, Dimensional Inspection, Document review, Final Inspection.

Veola Water

Vandalia, OH
Expediting, progressive Inspection, Final Inspection – Water conditioning Equipment.