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Haste Makes Waste

In the first quarter of 2016 we witnessed several delays of products from vendors to clients. The delivery of the products on all instances were well past the contract agreement due date, meaning vendors were behind on their delivery date simply because they did not follow their own approved manufacturing processes.

The old saying “Haste makes waste” is very true today.  Cutting corners to save dimes and nickels costs thousands of dollars in the end and creates customer dissatisfaction issues.

• Some vendors were attempting to make their End of the Month Sales targets. They were not paying close attention to drawing and contract details, resulting in paying out more money in labor and materials to repair the non-conforming product and possible delivery delay penalties.

• This causes customers to lose trust in the competency of the vendor’s ability to meet contract requirements, resulting in vendors possibly losing money in future sales.

• Everyone loses in the end when “Production” pushes “Quality” in manufacturing and repair. If vendors push a product out without following their own quality processes, extra costs and frustration for all involved in the purchase process can incur.

Our job at Quality Assurance Inspection Services, Inc. is to make sure our clients are satisfied with the products that they receive.  As the quality inspectors for our clients at the vendor facility, if we witness something that is not right, we alert the vendor’s quality management personnel. We can issue non-conformance reports on behalf of the client. It is the decision of the vendors to make their product any way they want to within the specifications given, but when the product is completed we will make sure it is right and complies with the drawing and material requirements. When we issue an inspection release, everything will be checked with reference to the correct contractual requirements and latest issue drawings.

We hope that the vendors are forthright, meticulous, quality driven and thus manufacture the product right the first time. Everyone will be happy and we will all do business again in the future.